How to Bet on Sports in Missouri: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners in MO

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Getting started with sports betting can be an intimidating and confusing undertaking with many unique words and terms. This comprehensive guide will help break it all down so that even a brand-new gambler can become a successful sports bettor.

How to Bet on Sports in Missouri

When we talk about sports betting, we are not talking about making a friendly wager with one of your friends on a sports game. Sports betting is usually done between a player and a sportsbook that sets the odds. At this time, Missouri sports betting is currently not legal. But bordering neighbors like Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa have legal betting, which means many bettors in the Show-Me State can make a quick drive to place a wager.

Understand Legal Requirements 

To sign up at most legal operators you must be physically located in the state. New customers must also be at least 21 years old when signing up. Missouri betting apps may ask for some personal information to verify your identity when signing up.

Choose a Sportsbook 

There are numerous sportsbooks out there, all with their own pros and cons, so how should you choose one? A good place to start is with their signup bonus. Look for generous sports betting promotions in Missouri. These can help you try the site out for yourself without risking too much of your own money.  You can sign up for multiple sites to ensure you get access to the best markets, features and offers at the same time. 

Create an Account 

Creating an account is very easy, with the process usually taking five minutes. The first step is inputting your email and password along with some basic information. Then the sportsbook will ask you for some information to verify your identity. That's usually all the sportsbook will need for sign-up.

Common Sports Bet Types Available in Missouri

Here are three main game-related bet types, moneyline, point spread, and totals, along with multiple other bets you should know about.

  • Moneyline The moneyline bets are the simplest bet out there, where the gambler was to decide who will win the game or match. To place a moneyline wager, just pick a game and decide who you will think wins. If they win, then your moneyline bet wins. An example of a moneyline bet is St. Louis Blues ML (to win) +150.
  • Point Spread Point spreads are determined by the sportsbook, and they show how many points a team is favored by. Your job is to decide whether the team will win by more or less than the point spread. An example of a point spread is Kansas City Chiefs -5.5 (-110), which means the Chiefs are favored by 5.5 points. If you think they will "cover the spread" (win by six or more), you would bet on them.
  • Over/Unders or Totals The oddsmakers set a total for every game in most sports, which is both teams combined points for the game. The over/under bet asks you to pick whether the actual final score will be over or under the total set by the sportsbook. An example of a game total bet is St Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks O/U 6.5 (-110).
  • Parlays Parlay bets aren't a specific bet type but rather a way you can combine bets to increase your payout. A parlay bet consists of two or more bets that are joined together, and if every bet in the parlay wins, then you can win big, but if even one bet loses, the parlay loses. Here is a parlay example: Sporting Kansas City ML, Chicago Bulls +3.5, Memphis Grizzlies vs. Houston Rockets Over 123.5.
  • Futures Future bets, as the name suggests, are a wager on an event happening in the future. Future bets usually have to do with accomplishments for teams and players. If you think the St Louis Cardinals will win the world series this year, you could place a futures bet on them. Another example of a futures bet is Patrick Mahomes winning the MVP award +600.
  • Prop Bets Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are wagers on something occurring in a game that isn't tied to the final score. Prop bets can be broken down into player props (player performances) and game props (game events). The best way to understand prop bets is by looking at examples. A prop bet example is will Travis Kelce have over or under 76.5 receiving yards in a game?
  • Live Bets or In-Game Bets Sports betting isn't just limited to games that haven't begun yet. Sportsbooks allow bettors to place certain sports bets on live games. Live bets usually consist of moneylines, spreads, and totals, with the odds changing as the game continues. If the Kansas City Royals are -130 on the ML pregame, but they go down a couple of runs early, their live odds will shift to +200, for example.

How to Place Bets on Sports Online in MO

Sportsbook websites can be very confusing and hard to navigate for novice sports bettors, but the good news is the websites are quite simple once you get used to them. Now we will look at how to place an online sports wager using BetMGM Sportsbook as an example. The process will vary by the sportsbook, but the steps will be very similar for the most part.

Once you have navigated to the website, the first step is selecting a game you would like to wager on. You can do this by selecting a sport from the right-hand menu and then selecting a specific game from that sport. After selecting a game, you need to select a wager which will appear on a bet slip on your screen. The last thing you need to do is decide how much money you would like to wager, then you can place it.

How to Read Betting Odds in Missouri

Learning how to read odds & betting lines can be one of the most confusing parts of getting started. These big numbers aren't just made up, though. In brief, when you read odds, they tell you how much you would win based on your wager. Now let's look at the three main types of betting odds.

Positive Odds 

Positive odds on a certain bet mean that you will win more than your initial wager. Positive moneyline odds, for example, are a good way to identify if a team is an underdog. If a certain bet has +200 odds, this means you would win $200 plus your initial wager on a $100 bet.

Negative Odds 

On the other hand, a negative sign tells you that you will win less than your initial wager. Negative odds usually mean the wager is favored and more likely to win. If you were to place a wager on something with -250 odds, you would have to place a $250 bet size in order to win $100.

Even Odds 

When two sides of a bet are equally likely, the odds will be the same for both bets. This is called even odds. Theoretically, this means that the odds will be +100 for both sides, but because sportsbooks take a cut of every wager, even odds are usually -110 for both sides.

European Odds vs. American Odds 

American and European odds are the two main odds types. American odds, like the ones we used in the example, show how much money you must wager to win a certain amount. European odds, on the other hand, are displayed as a decimal multiplier which shows how much you would win for every dollar wagered. American odds of -250 means you would win $250 on a $100 wager. If you converted these odds to European odds, they would simply be 1.4.

Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Missouri

Sports fans of all kinds can find something to bet on with sportsbooks providing betting markets for all popular sports and events.

  • NFL Betting The NFL is by far the most popular sport to bet on in US because of its entertainment. Getting started betting on the NFL is very easy, with virtually every betting market you could think of offered at most sportsbooks. The Super Bowl is one of the best sporting events to gamble on because of the exotic bets that are offered.
  • NBA Betting NBA betting is extremely popular due to the high scoring and back-and-forth nature of the game. Classic NBA betting markets include moneyline, spreads, and totals, with player props being very popular as well. Although Missouri doesn't have an NBA team, there are still plenty of teams in the Midwest to root for.
  • MLB Betting Even though MLB can be slow-paced, this doesn't mean it isn't a great sport to bet on. A popular MLB betting market is the run line. Instead of a different point spread every game, every MLB spread is set at 1.5, with the odds changing based on how much a team is favored. If you are betting on the Kansas City Royals to cover the run line, you need them to win by two runs or more.
  • NHL Betting NHL betting is slowly growing in popularity, with bettors enjoying the intensity of the game. Like MLB betting, NHL betting has the same spread for every game, 1.5. In hockey, this spread is called the puck line. Other popular NHL bets include Stanley Cup futures and period prop bets.
  • Golf Betting Golf betting is different than the sports we have already covered because the game is played in tournaments and not head-to-head. The most basic golf bet is who will win outright a specific tournament, but there are a wide variety of more bets to choose from as well. Other popular golf bets include will a player finish in the top 10 or will a certain player make the cut.
  • Soccer Betting As the MLS grows in the U.S., as does soccer betting. Betting on soccer is very easy, with numerous basic markets to choose from. One important thing to note regarding soccer betting is the effect draws have on the moneyline. When placing a soccer moneyline, be aware that a draw counts as a loss. If you bet on Sporting Kansas City ML and they tie after full-time, you lose money.
  • College Sports Betting College sports betting is usually limited to just men's football and basketball, but you can sometimes make wagers in other college markets as well. Bettors will find that the selection of markets for college sports games will be more limited than professional games, with markets like player props hard to find. This doesn't mean betting on college sports isn't just as fun, especially for bettors who like the underdog, with plenty of upsets to keep things exciting.

Tips for Betting on Sports in Missouri

So how does a novice bettor begin successfully sports betting in Missouri? Following these tips that even professional bettors use will give you an edge.

Shop Around 

Line shopping is when you compare the odds for a specific bet at one operator, like BetMGM Missouri and another. When shopping for odds, find the sportsbook that gives you the best odds and, thus, the highest payout on a specific bet. This ensures you will have the best possible return on your money.

Set a Limit 

Every person has a different risk tolerance, and this especially applies to people who bet on sports. The best way to stay afloat the longest is by setting a limit and sticking to it.

Understand Home-Field Advantage 

Home-field advantage is one of the strongest factors in betting, with all of the operators, including DraftKings Ohio, changing the odds based on who is the home team. When placing a wager, make sure to note who is home and away and look at things like their respective records at home and on the road.

Monitor Line Movement

Sportsbooks release their initial lines, but as information changes, these lines tend to move in either direction. There are many factors that go into line movement, like the amount of money pouring into one side or potential injuries. Keeping track of a moving line and why it might be moving is a good way to stay on top of a wager.

Start Betting on Sports in Missouri

Sports betting has immensely grown in popularity in recent years, but it may still be confusing for some amateurs. It may seem intimidating at first, but with more experience and practice, you will find yourself winning more and having more fun. This article covered the sports betting basics, like the main bet types and what sports you can bet on. Following simple tips like line shopping and setting a limit won't guarantee you win money, but it will improve bettors odds. Now it's your turn to start betting on your favorite sports in Missouri.

How to Bet on Sports in Missouri FAQ


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