Missouri Live Betting Sites: Best MO Sportsbooks for In Play Wagering

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Live betting has exploded in popularity in recent years. With online sports betting poised to arrive in the Show-Me State in the near future, we will look at the potential live offerings at the best Missouri sports betting sites as well as go over everything there is to know about in-play wagering.

Best Live Betting Sites in Missouri

The legal Missouri betting apps will all offer excellent and easy-to-navigate live betting interfaces.

SportsbookLive BettingLive StreamingIn-Game StatsLive Tracking
FanDuel Sportsbook logo

1. FanDuel Missouri

FanDuel Missouri made its name in daily fantasy sports (DFS) and has parlayed that expertise into an excellent sportsbook and  live betting site. The live offerings show up right on the front page at login and are also all found under the “Live Now” tab. Click on it for in-game stats as well as all available live markets and props on the game.

DraftKings Sportsbook logo

2. DraftKings Missouri

DraftKings Missouri is another DFS operator offering terrific live betting services. The live markets appear immediately upon accessing the website and mobile app and also under the “Live In Game” button. There you will find game odds as well as a huge array of team and player props. Bets are even available on the next pitch or play.

BetMGM Sports logo

3. BetMGM Missouri

It is tough to compete with the shear quantity of live betting markets at BetMGM Missouri. Access live betting via the front page screen or “Live” tab to find the game in question. There you will find wagers on virtually every in-play prop imaginable.

Caesars Sportsbook logo

4. Caesars Missouri

Want to wager on the speed of the next pitch in an MLB game or a specific play in the NFL? Caesars Sportsbook Missouri has you well covered. Just go to the “Live”  tab and click around. Plus, in-game stats and analytics are plentiful.

What Is Live Sports Betting?

Live betting is simply wagering on a sporting event as it is in progress. It can involve standard bets on the game or event itself, or props associated with the game. Placing a moneyline wager on the Kansas City Chiefs to win their game vs. the Detroit Lions in the middle of the second quarter is an example of live sports betting.

The Difference Between Live Betting & Live Streaming & In-Play Betting

Live betting involves placing wagers on a sporting event in the middle of the game. In-play betting is just another term for that. They are different from live streaming, which is simply watching the game in progress. Most live betting sites in Missouri will offer live streaming on their websites and apps.

How Does Live Betting Work?

What is a live bet? Once a game starts, the bookmakers begin to post live sports betting odds. These look like pregame markets but have key differences. The spreads are considerably wider and the prices change very quickly. Oftentimes the market moves quicker than you can get the wager down. When you place a live bet in Missouri, always make sure the market price has not moved against you before it executes.

What Is Live Tracking in Sports Betting?

Many sites offer live tracking services for sports bets. These venues will analyze both current wagers in real time as well as tabulate results from past bets. Some will sync directly with live betting sites Missouri and perform helpful analytics such as return on investment (ROI) to help track performance and perhaps spot strong and weak spots for your wagering.

What Are In-Game Statistics?

The Missouri sports betting apps will all post in-game statistics. The offerings vary, but these are effectively live box scores with some added analytics. It is very helpful as it keeps the info in one spot and saves toggling between screens will placing live bets.

What Are In-Play Props?

These are props markets on live events. They are just like regular player and game props, but they are live during the event. They could be based on the results of the whole game, like “Patrick Mahomes Over 2.5 TD passes” or as little as one play, such as “Chiefs Run or Pass on 2nd down.”

Pros & Cons of Live Betting on Sports in Missouri

Live betting is not for everyone as there are both pluses and minuses. Still, it is important to get up to speed as it is a swiftly growing segment in the betting space.

Exciting and fast-paced
Plenty of betting options
Occasional mispricing which can lead to big gains
Odds can move too fast at times
Lower limits

Hedging Live Bets

Does it make sense to hedge sports bets using live markets? It is easy to see the temptation. Suppose you wagered on the Chiefs -7 vs. the Detroit Lions and K.C. goes up 14-0 early. The live betting markets may have the Chiefs as -16.5 point favorites now. It sure sounds nice to wager in the Lions and establish a “middle” that cashes on sides if the Chiefs win by more than 7 but less than 17. It may not make sense though. It is better to look at the wagers as two separate decisions. Lions plus 16.5 might not have value, especially since the markets will also be wider and it could cost -120 or higher. Over time, riding bets as opposed to hedging at bad value makes more sense. If there is value in the hedge, by all means do it if so inclined.

Recommended Sports for Live Betting

Live betting sites Missouri offer odds markets in all major sports, and many lesser ones as well. Here are the most popular:

  • Football No sport lends itself to live betting quite as well as the NFL. The typical 30-40 second break between plays, more if there is a penalty or time out, gives the sportsbooks a perfect window to post the live market and for wagers to get in before the next snap.
  • Basketball NBA live betting markets are extremely tricky in that the scoring is so frequent. It is super important to know the lag of your viewing feed. The live markets post the current scores, so make sure to wager off that and not what is currently on the stream or television screen.
  • Baseball The St. Louis Cardinals are hosting the Chicago Cubs, the score is 2-1 Cardinals in the top of the fifth. Want to wager on the Cards holding on to win the game? How about whether the teams combine for over 7 runs? These markets and more are available via live betting. It is even possible to bet on events as immediate and minute as the result of the next pitch.
  • Hockey As with basketball, live hockey wagering markets move extraordinarily quickly. They generally are only playable during play stoppages, even the brief ones. There St. Louis Blues fans can always find game odds as well as player and team props.

What Makes a Great Real-Time Betting Site in MO?

A lot goes into running a great live betting site. That includes all of the following:

Live Odds

The live odds themselves are the most important factor, specifically the quoted spread. Every sportsbook posts wider markets for live betting than pregame as they need the added “juice” to offset when wagers move faster than their updating speed. How much wider is the question. If it just goes from -110 on each side to -115, it is pretty good. At -120, it can get a bit too pricy.

Increased Odds

Does the sports betting site give out odds boosts on live bets? These are terrific to take advantage of as the boosts offset the default market width and can make all the difference in ultimate results. Odds boosts are popular as bookmakers look to capture live betting market share.

Unique Markets

There are no “set” live betting markets. All books offer basics like live game winner and totals odds, but the live props can vary. There are bets available as specific as the results of Paul Goldschmidt’s second at bat to an over/under on the speed of Zack Greinke’s next pitch.

Laying Your Bet

Can you find games get the wager down super quickly? Every nanosecond can make a difference. Odds change very very quickly, so that slight lag on one site can make all the difference in the world between laying down the bet at your price and missing completely.

Easy to Navigate

Make sure you are comfortable with the live betting interface and it is easy to find games. The betting window could close in any extra seconds spent navigating to the right screen.

Live Betting Promotions

Take advantage of any and all live betting promotions! These Missouri sportsbook promos are usually in the form of odds boosts or reduced juice specifically tied to in-play wagers. Live markets are wide, boosts can wildly tilt the odds in your favor.

Fast Speed

Fast enough speed of both your web connection and that of the sportsbook site itself is vital. Game events move odds rapidly, The only path to live betting profitability requires keeping up. If there is a time lag, it is impossible to do anything but chase.

How Are Live Odds Calculated?

Many factors go into live odds. The same goes for pregame odds but with added info from the game itself. It all depends on the quality of teams or individuals, what has happened so far in the game and how much time is left. The sportsbooks have baseline odds, then adjust to events on the fly.

Tips for Real-Time Betting in Missouri

Live betting is definitely super fun and hopefully a profitable experience. Here are are few tips towards making the latter a reality:

Find a Seamless Experience

Speed is of the essence. Live odds move very very quickly, so it is vital to both find the market you are looking for and lay down the wager as fast as humanly possible.

Have Multiple Accounts

Price always matters. Multiple accounts make it much easier to find the best available odds. That is especially relevant for in-play betting as the sportsbooks move markets rapidly, thus there is less uniformity in spreads compared to pregame markets. 

Have a Feel for the Game

Perhaps the single best opportunity in live sports betting comes from getting a feel for a game and finding something that is just not reflected in the raw numbers. Maybe the surface stats of the Cardinals pitcher look good, but you detect that he is laboring and vulnerable to a big inning. Or conversely the Cards are smoking the ball but nothing is falling. Both present potential betting opportunities.

Make a Live Bet on Sports in Missouri

Live betting is arguably the most enjoyable way to wager. It can become a profitable experience as well, though it will likely take time. All of the major Missouri sportsbooks will offer extensive live betting menus, available both via desktop and on their mobile apps.

Live Betting in Missouri FAQs


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