What is a Prop Bet? Complete Prop Betting Guide for Missouri Bettors

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Are you looking for something else to compliment your fantasy sports acumen? With prop betting, you can now wager on how many strikeouts a pitcher will have, the passing yards a quarterback will have, or three pointers a basketball player will have. Below, we'll cover everything to do with the prop bet market. While you can't place a prop bet in Missouri right now, you can certainly learn about these bets now. Missouri sportsbooks are likely to go live sometime in 2024. 

What is a Prop Bet?

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are betting markets where you can measure individual player and team performances or evaluate the game. These move away from betting on more traditional markets (moneyline, point spreads, and totals) and can be isolated to specific events within a game.

Examples of Prop Bets

As mentioned, there are a few types of prop bet options. These include player, team, and game. The most popular are player props. Let's look at some examples. We'll dive into more detail on prop bet odds and more fleshed-out examples later.

  • Football: Justin Herbert Over/Under 275.5 passing yards
  • Basketball: Jayson Tatum Over/Under 8.5 rebounds
  • Hockey: Sidney Crosby Over/Under 1.5 goals
  • Baseball: Shohei Ohtani Over/Under 6.5 innings pitched

Fun vs. Skilled Prop Bets

In addition to the three "subsets" of prop betting, you also have skill and fun prop bets. Skill-based props could focus on individual players, whereas "fun" props are the color of the Gatorade dumped at the end of the Super Bowl.

Skilled Prop Bet Examples

  • Total QB passing yardage props (single game)
  • Total rebounds (single game)
  • Total strikeouts by a pitcher (single game)

Fun Prop Bet Examples

  • Length of national anthem
  • The color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach
  • Coin toss outcome

Player Props

Player props are the most popular prop betting markets. These are similar to fantasy sports in that you're projecting the statistical output of a single player. So, if you have a player on your fantasy football team and think they'll score a touchdown, you can also wager on that at your favorite sportsbooks.

Below, we'll look more examples of player props you'll find at most sportsbooks.

Player Prop Examples

  • Total rushing yards in a game by a running back (NFL/college football)
  • Al Horford Over/Under 6.5 Points (NBA)
  • Aaron Ekblad Over/Under 0.5 Points (NHL)

Game Props

Another prop betting market is game props. These focus on micro-events that occur throughout the game. These prop betting markets primarily focus on bets involving points.

Game Prop Examples

  • Largest lead in a game
  • Correct score of a game
  • Winning margin

Why You Should Be Betting Props in Missouri

Prop betting provides bettors with another way to enjoy the game. Instead of rooting for a single team the entire time, you can now focus on individual players or even a quarter or period. Most sportsbooks have deep prop betting markets, so you'll have plenty of flexibility, depending on your interest.

Additionally, if you did want to bet on the point spread for NFL games, for example, you could double down with prop bets.

Think of it like this—if you think a team will cover an NFL point spread of 7.5 points, this could indicate that the team will lead and the running back will have one of the better player performances. You can bet on his "over" for rushing yards in the game. This allows you to capitalize on the game as well as player performance.

Prop Bets are Flexible

Long gone are the days of needing to only bet on the more derivative markets. Today, you have plenty of flexibility with prop bets because there's a lot of variety; the timeframe for seeing results on them can be short, depending on what you choose to bet on. If there's one sportsbook you enjoy playing at, you can still bet on your favorite team from another angle.

Think about it like this—you think the Baltimore Orioles will beat the Toronto Blue Jays. Still, you're not comfortable betting on the run line, and the moneyline odds aren't that enticing.

You go to the player props and notice that your favorite Orioles player, Ryan Mountcastle, is +500 to hit a home run. You feel good about that, so instead of betting on a -200 moneyline, you now have a +500 home run prop that you can root for every at-bat.

Double Your Money

While you'll need both wagers to succeed to "double your money," there's strong evidence of correlating bets to, again, "double your money."

You can find this with Same Game Parlays. If you think a team will win a game, they will win because of statistical production from somewhere. If you can nail that bet and spot where the statistical output is coming from, you can play these bets off one another and make even more money.

Prop Bets are Simple (and fun)

Sure, we enjoy making money off of our bets—who doesn't—but remember, this is all for entertainment at the end of the day. Props are simple and could be a way for you to engage in a game with a family member that's not as knowledgeable about sports.

For example, if your brother is somewhat into football but only watches big games, one player will do well while the other may not think so. You can then head to one of the sportsbooks online and wager to compete against one another.

This not only allows you to root for star players but a way to hang out with friends and family with some money on the line.

Prop Betting Strategies

As you continue reading along, if prop betting sounds like something you'd be interested in, we don't want you to leave this page without having some strategies you can deploy to assist with your success. While we can never guarantee wins, we can offer suggestions that may or may not help you in specific situations.

Bankroll Management

Something a lot of bettors do is deposit money, make a wager, win or lose, and decide whether to deposit or play again.

Instead, one way to prolong your experience and make more money is to create a deposit and piecemeal your wagers.

For example, if you deposit $100, make each bet only $10 or so to manage what you're betting.

Specialize in a Specific Sport or Market

For this tip, it's time to be honest with yourself—which sport do you feel you're exceedingly knowledgeable about? Sure, you might be a fan of all sports, but what one is really your go-to?

Make that decision and focus on that market specifically for the best long-term results.

Look for Mispriced Odds

Sometimes, the best props are the ones that are downright mispriced. With so many markets at online sportsbooks, there's bound to be one that slips through the cracks.

For example, suppose the Kansas City Chiefs rule out quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the next three NFL games. In that case, you can pounce on the prop betting market to wager on the success of the running back, who will likely see more opportunities with the backup.

If Missouri sportsbook apps don't update his odds fast enough, you can capitalize on his or other players' performances in the NFL props market.

Common Mistakes in Prop Betting

Like other betting markets, you can make mistakes when you bet props. Below, we'll go over some of the most significant prop markets errors.

Overvaluing the Narrative

We touched on this above, and it's a trap that can fall into. Above, we mentioned Mahomes being out, so obviously, the running back will get more work. While this could happen, it's not always the case. Each team is different, so it's important to evaluate each situation as opposed to blanket rules, such as "This player is out, so his backup will perform well."

Ignoring the Vigorish (Vig)

Like betting on the moneyline, always pay attention to the vig on a wager. When you see prop odds of -180, the 80 is the "vig," which is somewhat of a commission for making a bet. You'd need to bet $18 to win $10. Even if you feel confident in certain prop markets, you can have to measure the vig and value. Just because you feel a certain way about a market, it doesn't mean it's always a great option because it could settle as a loss, no matter how much of an advantage you think the bet has to succeed.

Failing to Line Shop

Often, the first player props we see may have little value on the market. While you may know a bet you want to make, it's always worth looking at other sportsbooks to see if there are prop markets that offer more value. Feel free to throw the initial wager you wanted to make out the window in favor of something elsewhere.

Overextending Your Bankroll

We touched on this above, too, but yes, it's essential not to get overly confident in evaluating prop odds value. Something can always go wrong. Stick with the game plan of piecemealing your wagers instead of going all in on something you think is one of the "best props" to bet on.

How To Make a Prop Bet in Missouri

If you want to dive into prop markets, below is a step-by-step process for how to do so.

  1. Pick which sportsbooks you want to play at.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Deposit funds.
  4. Head to the homepage
  5. Decide which prop markets you want to bet on. Here, we'll look at the MLB.
  6. Go to the MLB betting page.
  7. Find which game you want to bet on.
  8. Props aren't listed here. To find them, click on the game to open their dedicated page.
  9. When you do this, you'll find a menu or a pool of other bets, including props.
  10. Decide which prop makes the most sense for you, add it to your betslip, and confirm your wager.
  11. Wait for the results.

Above is a general example of how you would place a prop bet at a site like BetMGM Missouri, or elsewhere. Every operator will offer prop bets across different sports markets so its worth looking at all your options. Missouri sportsbook promos should be available once sites are legal; be sure to check these out and even use one on your prop bet. 

How To Win a Prop Bet in Missouri

We can never guarantee prop bet wins, but we can provide a step-by-step guide to put you in the best position possible.

  1. After completing Steps 1 to 9 above, be sure to conduct proper research on the player and prop you're interested in.
  2. Once you've conducted suitable research, evaluate the betting lines to see if there's adequate value.
  3. If you feel confident in a bet with valuable betting lines, place a wager.
  4. Regarding how much to wager, we recommend roughly 10% of your bankroll.
  5. Complete the wager and wait for the results.

How Prop Bets Are Paid in Missouri

If you win a prop bet, you'll receive the funds in your virtual wallet like any other wager. Depending on which sportsbooks you play at, there are multiple ways to withdraw funds, including online banking, PayPal, check by mail, and more.

Popular Prop Bets in Sports

NFL Prop Bets

The NFL is the most wagered-on sport, so you best believe there are plenty of betting markets to choose from. Every NFL game is a major event, so plenty of props are at your disposal.

Let's use another Mahomes example: Patrick Mahomes Over/Under 2.5 passing touchdowns.

The "over" odds are -140; the "under" is +155.

If you were to bet on the "over," you'd need to wager $140 to win $100. As for the under, you'd win $155 on a successful $100 wager.

Super Bowl Props

If you thought a standard NFL game was an event, one of the biggest sporting events in the world is the Super Bowl. In addition to the typical props you'll find, such as touchdowns, rushing yards, and receiving yards, there are plenty of "fun" props.

Let's use the "Color of Gatorade Poured on Winning Coach" idea. You could find multiple options:

  • White: +150
  • Blue: +175
  • Red: +225
  • Purple: +500
  • None: +1000

All of these have a "+" value meaning that if you wager $100 on them, you will win whatever the number associated with the proposition bet is.

NBA Prop Bets

NBA games are great opportunities to capitalize on player performances because there are only five players on the court for each team at a time. There are also 200+ points scored combined often. If you want to bet props here, you can find much value, especially for big games.

Example: Nikola Jokic to have a triple-double. The odds for "Yes" are +115, while "No" is -130. If you bet $100 on the +115, you'd win $115. To win $100 on the "No" bet, you'd have to wager $130.

MLB Prop Bets

Unlike the NBA, MLB games can be extremely low scoring, and the pitchers make a huge difference. That said, if you're an MLB fan and can spot the good pitching matches, you can turn your prop betting attention to them.

One example could be Mike Trout's Over/Under 1.5 hits.

  • Over: -225
  • Under: +175

Going over is a massive favorite here, which could be worth ignoring altogether. Still, if not, you'd need to wager $225 to win $100. With the "under," you'd win $175 on a successful $100 bet.

NHL Prop Bets

Like the MLB, the NHL is also low scoring, but props are available for points accrued by a player. Points in hockey are earned from goals, assists, power-play points, and overtime points.

So, suppose a player like Sidney Crosby has an over/under prop of 1.5 points. In that case, you can take all of those possibilities into account.

  • Over: -115
  • Under: -115

In this example, both bets are -115, meaning each is as likely to happen as the other. You win $100 on a $115 bet on each side.

College Football Props

The most well-known college football school in Missouri is the University of Missouri, home of the Missouri Tigers or "Mizzou" for short.

Jake Garcia is the projected starting quarterback for this college football program, so you could find a prop bet available for his total passing yards in a game. If the line is 173.5, you can bet whether he'll exceed or fall short of that.

  • Over: +125 ($100 bet pays $125)
  • Under: -115 ($115 bet pays $100)

College Basketball Props

The Missouri Tigers made it to the NCAA Tournament but lost to Princeton in 2023. Like the NBA, a lot of the same props are available.

One of the top players for them was D'Moi Hodge, and you could bet on his total rebounds. For this example, the line is 6.5.

  • Over: +150 ($100 bet pays $150)
  • Under: -140 ($140 bet pays $100)

NASCAR Racing Props

You may not think of NASCAR as a prop betting market, but the most well-known market here is betting on the result of drivers against one another.

  • Example: Martin Truex Jr. (+100) vs. Denny Hamlin (-130)

You'll bet which driver finishes higher in the race.

Horse Racing Prop Betting

Horse racing will be available on a platform separate from other sports, but there are prop markets available. In addition to the numerous bets you can make on race results, there are also prop bets for head-to-head matchups, winning distance, and whether a record will be recorded.

What are some tips for successful prop betting?

We reviewed some prop betting strategies above; now, we'll look at some tips.

Research Each Wage

Never go into a wager without researching. If you want to bet on a quarterback's passing yard prop odds, see how they've performed historically and research the opposing defense.

Monitor Your Results

A lot of online sportsbooks have a history of your bets. This is important to look back on to evaluate and reflect on your performance and gauge what you can do differently.

Monitor Trends In Your Sport

Players can get on hot streaks. If you're noticing a player, for three weeks straight, is performing at a level beyond what you thought, perhaps this is becoming a trend as opposed to an outlier.

Get Started Making Prop Bets in Missouri

If you can't decide which team to bet on or don't have a handle on the final score, props are a great alternative. You no longer need to pass on betting on certain games because you don't like the odds on the traditional wagers; you can turn to props to fill that void.

Props offer odds that can be advantageous if you can spot value and correctly determine, for example, which player to score for NFL props.

You can dive into proposition bets if you've never bet before but enjoy fantasy sports. There are a lot of similarities there, whether you focus on player props or game props.

Get started by gauging prop odds at your favorite sportsbooks now.

Prop Betting FAQs for Missouri


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