Most Popular Candle Scents in Missouri

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With Candle Day happening on Sunday, December 3rd, decided to take a deep dive into the “wick and mortar” world of retail. Each year Bath and Body Work hosts this annual event centered around great deals on their highly coveted three-wick candles. But what are the most popular scents in Missouri?

To find out, we’re pivoting away from our usual focus on betting odds and Missouri sports betting updates to discover the top three most popular candle scents in the state. We began with a long list courtesy of Statista's candle market research report on the best-selling scents around the world. Then we utilized Google Trends data spanning the last five years (November 2018 to November 2023) to see which of these scents were the most popular within Missouri. Check out the top three below.

Favorite Candle Scents in Missouri

You probably wouldn't want to bet on favorite scented candles, but even if you did, Missouri betting apps wouldn't likely cover something like this even when they become legal. Below are the top candle scents in Missouri. 

Rank Scent

Missouri Loves That Vanilla Smell

By our numbers, it’s vanilla that rates out as the most popular candle scent in Missouri. A byproduct of the beans that grow on the vines of Vanilla orchids — a flower native to tropical regions like Mexico and Madagascar — vanilla is one of the most ubiquitous flavors and fragrances on the planet. As for three-wick candles, according to, the Vanilla-scented best sellers are “Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla” and “Vanilla Bean Noel.” 

Next up: Pumpkin and Rose

Missouri residents’ second and third favorite candle scents are pumpkin and rose, respectively. If you happen to be a pumpkin person, or you’re shopping for one, the “Pumpkin Pecan Waffle” three-wick candle is Bath and Body Works’ best seller in that fragrance. Meanwhile, those who’ve got a nose for rose can light up “Rose Water & Ivy.”

But regardless of which scent you like best, one thing’s for sure, no other site on the internet can hold a candle to’s coverage of all the latest sports betting news, sportsbook offers, and Missouri sportsbook promo codes when it's finally legalized.


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