What Are the Favorite Podcasts for People in Missouri?

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The race to be at the top of the podcast food chain has heated up in recent years, as on demand media continues to become the choice of many Americans. Podcasts can be consumed by users at any time and are much more convenient than traditional radio shows.

Outlets such as Apple, Spotify and more have elevated the popularity of many podcasts and the scramble for the top spot is filled with a variety of shows, covering any topic you can think of, from sports to comedy to news to true crime and much, much more.

BetMissouri.com decided to take a break from covering Missouri sports betting news to see which of the podcast options have separated themselves from the pack in the state. We did so by utilizing Google Trends and data from thepodcast.org to find the most popular podcast. ThePodcast.org “Most Popular Podcasts in the US” list was leveraged with the search volume on Google Trends over the past 12 months to determine a winner.

Missouri’s Favorite Podcasts

Podcast Search Volume
The Joe Rogan Experience54%
Crime Junkie21%
Call Her Daddy15%
My Favorite Murder6%
The Ben Shapiro Show4%


Joe Rogan Clear Winner in Missouri

The Joe Rogan podcast tops the list, certainly a familiar spot for the self-described comedian, MMA fan and psychedelic adventurer. Rogan’s name is the first off the tongue of almost everyone when asking about podcasts. He has the ability to generate clicks from people who love him and hate him. He advertises his show as a long-form conversation and he finds guests from all walks of life who are trending in the world.

Rogan has had Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Quentin Tarantino, Lance Armstrong, Edward Snowden, Kanye West, Mike Tyson and more on his podcast, proving his versatility and ability to get popular guests.

Ranking second in the state is the Crime Junkie podcast. True crime podcasts have exploded in popularity as well, so much so that they rank second and fourth on this list, with the My Favorite Murder podcast sliding into the fourth spot. Crime Junkie has solidified itself at the top of the true crime heap. The show is hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit and has been topping podcast charts since 2017.

Spotify’s Call Her Daddy checks in at No. 3, proving the diversity in the podcast space. Alex Cooper’s hit podcast took off after making the move from Barstool Sports to Spotify and primarily targets females ages 18 to 29. The “Daddy Gang,” as she calls her followers,  clearly have spoken with their actions and Cooper comfortably holds a top three spot in Missouri.

Finally, The Ben Shapiro Show finishes off the top five. Shapiro hosts a news podcast from a conservative point of view and doesn’t give an inch when it comes to giving his opinions. If the top five is any indication, Missouri podcast listeners value variety when it comes to consuming their audio media, with many different types of podcasts ranking in the top five.

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