How Chiefs’ Mahomes Stacks Up Against Other Recent NFL MVP Quarterbacks

How Chiefs’ Mahomes Stacks Up Against Other Recent NFL MVP Quarterbacks
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Few things have been as consistent over the past seven years as the right arm of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who once again is leading the defending Super Bowl champs towards another stellar season on the field.

With 1,593 pass yards and 11 touchdowns through the Chiefs’ first six regular season contests and a QBR of 72.6 (courtesy of ESPN), Mahomes is once again on pace to challenge for the AP Most Valuable Player award again in 2024. There is no legal Missouri sports betting yet, but you wouldn’t want to wager against Mahomes in any state.

If he does take home the award, Mahomes would join Aaron Rodgers (who won the award in 2021 and 2022) as the only repeat winners since 2013. He also would be the 11th consecutive quarterback to take home the trophy.

To see how Mahomes’ season stacks up against other winners, – your source for Missouri betting apps when they become legal - broke down the former Texas Tech gunslinger’s stats vs. the other quarterbacks to see where he stands in the NFL’s recent record books.

Mahomes vs. Recent MVPs

Patrick Mahomes, 2023-24 Stats:  153/224 (68.3%), 1,593 yards (265.5 YPG), 11 TD (5 INT) [2.2 TD-to-INT ratio], 72.6 QBR. Projections: 4,514 yards, 32 TD (15 INT)

2022-23: Mahomes: 435/648 (67.1%), 5,250 yards (308.8 YPG), 41 TD (12 INT) [3.4 TD-to-INT ratio], 79.0 QBR.

2021-22: Aaron Rodgers: 366/531 (68.9%), 4,115 yards (257.2 YPG), 37 TD (4 INT) [9.25 TD-to-INT ratio], 74.1 QBR .

2020-21: Aaron Rodgers: 372/526 (70.7%), 4,229 yards (264.3 YPG), 48 TD (5 INT), [9.6 TD-to-INT ratio], 79.8 QBR.

2019-20: Lamar Jackson: Stats: 265/401 (66.1%), 3,127 yards (208.5 YPG), [1,206 rush yards & 7 TD), 36 TD (6 INT) [6 TD-to-INT ratio], 83.0 QBR.

2018-19: Patrick Mahomes: Stats: 383/580 (66.0%), 5,097 yards (318.6 YPG), 50 TD (12 INT) [4.2 TD-to-INT ratio], 80.3 QBR.

2017-18: Tom Brady: Stats: 385/581 (66.3%), 4,577 yards (286.1 YPG), 32 TD (8 INT) [4 TD-to-INT ratio], 71.1 QBR.

2016-17: Matt Ryan: Stats: 373/534 (69.8%), 4,944 yards (309 YPG), 38 TD (7 INT) [5.4 TD-to-INT ratio], 79.6 QBR.

2015-16: Cam Newton: Stats: 296/495 (59.8%), 3,837 yards (239.8 YPG), 35 TD (10 INT) [3.5 TD-to-INT ratio], 61.4 QBR.

2014-15: Aaron Rogers: Stats: 341/520 (65.6%), 4,381 yards (273.8 YPG), [636 rush yards, 10 rush TDs], 38 TD (5 INT) [7.6 TD-to-INT ratio], 77.8 QBR .

2013-14: Peyton Manning: Stats: 450/659 (68.3%), 5,477 yards (342.3 YPG), 55 TD (10 INT) [5.5 TD-to-INT ratio], 79.0 QBR.

Average: 66.9% completion percentage, 4,503.4 YPG, 41 TD (7.9 INT) [5.2 TD-to-INT ratio], 76.5 QBR

How Likely Is Mahomes to Repeat as MVP?

Despite posting lower passing yards (265.5 YPG) and touchdowns per game (1.83) this year, Mahomes is still on pace to threaten for his third AP MVP award this year. Thanks to a solid 2.2-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio and being on pace for another 4,000-yard passing season, it’s safe to assume that Mahomes will be at the forefront for the NFL’s premier award this year.

Mahomes, 28, is trending slightly below the 10-year average of MVP winners when it comes to his TD-to-INT ratio (2.2, to the average of 5.2) and his QBR (72.6, to the average of 76.5). He is ahead of the 10-year benchmark among AP MVPs when it comes to his projected passing yards total (4,514, to 4,503.4) and completion percentage (68.3%, to 66.9%).

That past success is one of the reasons why Mahomes is still the No. 2 favorite to win the AP MVP on Caesars Sportsbook, at +450, ranking only behind Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who is listed at +350. When legal betting does launch, you will want to have a Caesars Missouri promo code when you bet.

If Mahomes keeps playing the way he has out of the gate this year, it will be a tall task for the AP to hand the award to any other NFL player, especially if Kansas City continues its winning ways as the NFL hits the midseason stretch.



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