How Missouri Stacks Up Against Other Disc Golf Loving States

How Missouri Stacks Up Against Other Disc Golf Loving States
Fact Checked by Michael Peters

With the dog days of summer upon us and Missourians likely looking for any chance to wring out as many memories as they can before the chill of winter, now’s the time to hit the local disc golf course.

With National Disc Golf Day arriving Saturday and the excitement around disc golf over the past few years, took a break from covering sports betting in Missouri and looked at which states across the United States are the most interested in disc golf. utilized two combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 U.S. States from most to least into disc golf. We utilized the Professional Disc Golf Association’s course directory to find the most disc golf courses per capita in each state and then Google Trend’s search interest of the phrase “Disc Golf Near Me” over the past 12 months. Points were rewarded from 50 to 1 based on the states’ ranking in each category.

States Most Interested in Disc Golf

Rank, State Courses Per Capita Search Interest Total Points
T1. Kansas 50 42 92
T1. Vermont 45 47 92
3. Maine 40 50 90
T4. Wisconsin 43 46 89
T4. Iowa 49 40 89
6. Minnesota 44 43 87
7. Oregon 33 48 81
8. Montana 42 38 80
T9. Colorado 34 45 79
T9. Michigan 30 49 79
11. Idaho 38 33 71
12. Missouri 31 39 70
13. North Carolina 28 41 69
14. Oklahoma 37 30 67
15. Arkansas 35 30 65

Missouri Among Most Disc Golf Crazed States

Overall, Missouri finished with the 12th highest score of any state by our metrics, with a total of 70.

The Show Me State’s net total was dinged by the lack of disc golf courses per capita, with Missouri’s 31 points ranking third-to-last of the states in the top 15.

Missouri did rebound a bit by notching 39 points for the state’s disc golf search interest.

Maybe there is so much interest because there are no legal Missouri betting apps.

Overall, the national leaders in terms of disc golf interest were Missouri’s westerly neighbor and Vermont, which had 92 points apiece, followed by Maine (90 points), Wisconsin and Iowa (89 points each).  

Other neighboring states to crack the top-15 nationally included Oklahoma (67 points) and Arkansas (65 points).

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